RS Podiatry Clinic

Shin Splints

AKA/alternative diagnosis: Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS), Compartment Syndrome, Stress Fracture, Anterior Shin Splints/Posterior Shin Splints

Symptoms: Pain at the shin (Tibia) either on the front outer aspect or the inner tibia aspect. Usually activity related, area can be painful to touch, dull aching pain in front of the leg

Contributing Factors: Doing ‘too much too soon’, high BMI, poor foot biomechanics, training error, training surface, poor core strength, footwear, sports, muscle tightness and weakness, repetitive loading, cambered road running, and more.

Treatment Consideration: Correcting biomechanics, Shockwave Therapy, rest, muscle strengthening programme, progressively modifying your training programme, gait analysis, review of training/running surface, alternative activities to maintain aerobic fitness during the treatment plan, footwear change, consistent following of advice.