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Podiatrists are experts in lower-limb and foot related problems. At RS Podiatry we are members of The College of Podiatry and are registered with The Health and Care Professions Council.

Mr G. RS. Cheema

Sports & MSK Podiatrist BSc.Hons Podiatric Medicine, PgCert, MCPod, HCPC. Reg.

Hi, my name is Ricky and welcome to my website for RS Podiatry Clinic!

Being a Podiatrist I see a variety of problems related to the foot and lower limb and as a practitioner my aim is to work closely with patients to do the very best for them using an evidence-based approach.

I qualified from the University of Huddersfield with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Podiatry and subsequently went on to complete a Post Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Conditions of The Foot & Ankle, specialising in heel pain.

My main interests in Podiatry are in the field of biomechanics and sports & musculoskeletal podiatry, however, we also offer a specialist nail surgery clinic as well as providing all general footcare. I have completed a range of courses, qualifications and CPD to enable me to see patient’s who fall into these categories and continue to study and maintain CPD.

Some of my more recent courses have included Strength & Conditioning with Dr Claire Minshull, a well-respected UK based Strength and Conditioning coach, Load Management with renowned Sports Scientist Dr Tim Gabett, a year long course specialising in Running Injuries, and subsequent in-depth courses in Gait and Running Analysis. Together, these have enabled me to get the best out of my patients treatment plans and ensure their rehab is effective.

My experiences include working predominantly in the Private sector as well as multiple NHS clinics and hospital. Currently, I work with a team of experienced Physiotherapists and Podiatrists in Cheltenham and with a great team of highly motivated Osteopaths, Sports Injury Therapists and a consultant in Coventry, Warwickshire.

I am the owner of RS Podiatry Clinic in Coventry where we have a keen interest in sports podiatry, biomechanics and musculoskeletal work, running analysis and offer the latest in 3D printed Phits Orthotics (as worn by elite athlete’s and sports professionals). To enable us to better understand the underlying biomechanical causes of an injury we use the latest pressure mapping technology, the RS Footscan ( to analyse gait. In addition, a detailed video breakdown is also offered. For patients who have chronic injuries we also offer Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (

Using the latest technology allows us to understand the problem better. It engages our patients with their findings and we believe this in-turn provides a higher chance of a successful outcome.

So, if you’re a motivated individual, willing to engage with a tailored treatment plan, after a highly professional service, then RS Podiatry is for you. So give us a call!

Other Qualifications/CPD courses:

  • Certificate in Local Anaesthesia administration
  • Certificate in Prescription Medicine (POMs) administration, sale/supply
  • Member of The College of Podiatrists
  • HCPC Registered Practitioner
  • Certification in Gait Analysis
  • Certificate in Level 1 Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)
  • Certificate in Running Injuries
  • Certificate in Running Gait Analysis
  • Certificate in Strength & Conditioning
  • Certificate in Load Management
  • Emergency Life Support Training
  • Clinical Biomechanics (Staffordshire University)
  • Phits Orthotics Expert 
  • Kinesiology/Rock Taping
‘General’ reading/listening (as of 13/6/20)
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– listening to a Q&A with Tom Goom (aka The Running Physio) on tendinopathy, high BMI, MTSS, hip replacement
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neuromuscular training for the prevention of lower extremity injuries
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Revision: Becoming an expert in gait analysis (Running Repairs Course)
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Colleague (For our joint Specialist Nail Surgery Service)
Mr M. Tausif BSc(Hons) PgDip MChs

Tausif is a close friend and colleague from university. He is an experienced and highly professional Podiatrist with a special interest in Musculoskeletal Podiatry. He qualified from the University of Huddersfield with a BSc Hons in Podiatric Medicine and has post-graduate qualifications in Clinical Biomechanics (University of Staffordshire) and Musculoskeletal Conditions of the Foot & Ankle (Huddersfield University). He is himself a private practitioner based in Harborne, Birmingham. 

Together we share a strong passion in striving to develop our knowledge and experience to ensure our patients receive the best treatment. As a result we have set-up a joint specialist nail surgery service working from clinics in Harborne and Coventry. 


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