RS Podiatry Clinic

Specialist Heel Pain Treatment
MP50 Machine
Shockwave Treatment
Providing Shockwave Treatment for Achilles tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Patella tendonitis
Running Analysis
Running Analysis
Phits Orthotics: Worn by professional runners
“Without the support of Phits orthotics, it would have been impossible to recover after my surgery and most likely I wouldn’t have been able to continue my running career”
Paula Radcliffe
Marathon World Record Holder & Phits Pioneer
Phits Orthotics: Worn by professional runners
Using Footscan technology
Understanding causes of foot pain through force and pressure gait analysis
for the latest in 3D printed orthotics
and the latest in 3D-Printed orthoticsinted orthotics
Sports Podiatry
Running Injuries
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Using the latest technology and evidence-based research, we work hard to address the causes of injuries and not just treat symptoms. Get in touch to find out more and enjoy a relaxed, informal and highly-professional service!


Winner: Best Specialist Podiatry Treatment Clinic- West Midlands 2021

Winner: Podiatry Clinic of the Year-West Midlands 2021/2022 

Winner: Biomechanics Clinic of the Year 2022



  • Heel pain? Running injury? Poor biomechanics? There can be many lower-limb problems that lead to painful conditions of the foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower-back.

To help reduce pain and improve performance, we do an in-depth assessment to look at potential causative factors of an injury. Using this as a basis we then formulate an individualised treatment and rehabilitation plan.

We specialise in using data from your Footscan to design the latest in 3D-printed orthotics

Specialist service aimed at chronic cases of heel and Achilles tendon pain and more, when combined with a treatment plan.

Ingrowing toe nail? Come and get expert treatment before the problem worsens. If needed, we can remove part of the nail to provide a more permanent solution.



You can call, text or email us. We also offer a free face-to-face meeting prior to your first appointment to discuss any of our treatment options.

Highly professional and friendly service! Ricky is very knowledgeable, genuinely interested in patients' needs and is always keen to help, couldn't recommend more!
Helena Baliharova
Awarded as one of the top

Podiatry clinics in Coventry