RS Podiatry Clinic

Diabetic Footcare

Diabetics are far more susceptible to foot and lower-limb complications. It is highly important to see a Podiatrist if you have any concerns about your foot health. It is also recommended to have an annual diabetic foot check. Diabetic foot problems can include:
  • Delayed healing from cuts or lesions
  • Higher risk of developing an infection
  • Increased risk of developing an ulcer
  • Poor circulation
  • Nerve damage with subsequent lack of feeling in the feet
  • Increased risk of amputation (particularly with a poor medical history and poorly managed diabetes)
  • Changes in eye-sight making it difficult to cut toe nails
How can we help? We help provide valuable advice and tests on:
  • Nerve Sensation for diabetic neuropathy
  • Advice on how to look after your feet in order to prevent potential complications
  • Circulation (Vascular assessment) using a hand held Doppler
  • Help with reducing corns and calluses and hard skin which all contribute to an increased risk of an ulcer
  • Offer a professional nail cutting service to reduce the chances of potential complications from poorly cut nails
  • See you every 6-12 months for routine check-ups to ensure any problems are picked up early
  • Take the time to go through with you and explain all your results
  • Work with you to form a management plan that you can keep to help improve the health of your feet and then maintain this
  • And more!