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Shin Splints

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) aka ‘Shin Splints’

Pain in the shin area is often known by its non-medical term – shin splints. This by no means a diagnosis but more of an umbrella term. As practitioners we know it as MTSS. this can really cause tenderness along the shin area whilst running or playing sports.

Actually, pain in the shin area can be influenced by a whole range of different factors ranging from foot posture, the amount of movement in the ankle and big toe, and also your foot-strike position when running. Other factors include ones BMI, training plan error, even your gender, running gait and more! 

As you can see it is not always straight forward but it is something that is treatable. By having a Biomechanics appointment with us we can assess you to understand the factors that have caused your shin pain in the first place. It allows us to take a thorough history of the problem as well and look into it in a little more detail. Thus we can put together a more effective & progressive treatment plan which is suited to your individual requirements.

Don’t forgot we specialise in 3D-Printed Phits Orthotics (as well as other brands and designs) so contact us if you’ve any questions. Mind you, not every patient needs orthotics, so we first assess your feet and biomechanics to ascertain the requirement. If needed they can be designed to suit your activity, job, footwear and foot posture. Please remember, treatment requires a ‘combination’ approach and there is no ‘magic cure’ to fix all. A certain level of discipline will be required in following the overall plan.

Needless to say, that a painful shin doesn’t always = MTSS. There are a few other potential diagnoses which often need to be ruled out first. Sometime these can be more serious and need to be assessed, for example, a tibial stress fracture.  We suggest getting it checked especially if your pain is getting worse or it can be felt into the night.

The number of appointments needed for conditions such as medial tibial stress syndrome can range anything from 1 to 6, really depending on the initial presentation, assessment results and you own goals. Needless to say, we will work closely together to achieve those goals and hope that you come out stronger than when you came in😊.

So, if you’d like to know more or would like to book in for an appointment don’t hesitate to get in touch 😊.

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